This guide helps people actively listen to each other, incubate new ideas, and explore challenging issues. It helps a wide range of audiences dive into the film within a positive and curious environment. It supports reflection.

Takeaways will be as varied as the people attending. Adults and children will connect with personal stories that speak directly to them for reasons only they know. They will watch a broader story of one African American community in the 1920s, an even larger story of one city at a time of great change in the U.S. and stories about forces that continue to shape our lives today. It is likely that each person will find a universal theme everyone can relate to.

The film does bring to light the challenges facing a school, but it also prompts viewers to wonder about the larger community of teachers, students, and families who made Crispus Attucks such an extraordinary site of learning.
We hope the film and your discussion will help conversants connect dots between history and story. We hope viewers will explore concepts that link intellect and heart. And, we hope your discussion provides space for viewers to find their own meaning and answers to “What next?”

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